Our mission is to cultivate a community by connecting and empowering cyclists across Nebraska.

What does CycleNebraska do?

CycleNebraska is cooperative and community-focused. By creating relationships with non-profit organizations, advocacy efforts, ride and race organizers, bike shops, and individual cyclists, we aim to meet three key objectives.

They are:

  • Providing Information
  • Sharing Stories
  • Encouraging Participation

The current core of these efforts is the Nebraska Cycling Events Calendar. The goal of this calendar is to have the most comprehensive listing of cycling-related events throughout the state. Anyone can submit an event and we’ll post it for free. Events are monitored closely to ensure all information is valid.


What's your story? How did CycleNebraska start?

The story is simple - we saw a need and wanted to meet it. When we started cycling, we wanted to get more involved in Nebraska’s cycling community but found it difficult to figure out what was happening throughout the state.

What started as an Instagram account to share photos and stories has turned into CycleNebraska as it is today - a state-wide platform to provide information, share stories, encourage participation and, of course, to connect cyclists across the state.


Does CycleNebraska work with the other cycling groups we have in Nebraska?

Yes! Nebraska has a cycling association, the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance, multiple non-profits and community organizations, a variety of clubs and teams, and other groups who are all contributing to the state-wide cycling community. This is exactly why we created CycleNebraska.

We believe that a successful cycling community is made up of all these groups. Rather than create a new community, our goal is to harness the power of social media and technology to cultivate and strengthen our current statewide community. We believe this will provide a foundation for groups and individual cyclists to create connections, provide information, share stories and, of course, ride together.


Where are you located?

CycleNebraska is based out of Hastings, Nebraska. Both Ben and Caitlin work full-time jobs during the day so most of what happens on CycleNebraska is done during nights and weekends. We don’t currently have a physical office or shop.


How are you going to make a difference?

In a nutshell: through collaboration, not creation. We believe our local and regional cycling communities are strongest when they’re part of a larger, statewide community. CycleNebraska is the foundation for this connection and an avenue for growth across the state.


How can I help?

  1. Share Events - Collaboration is key when it comes to cultivating a community. We work hard to keep our thumb on the pulse of what’s happening throughout the state, but we can’t catch it all. Check out the cycling calendar, and if you know of an event that you don’t see listed, feel free to submit the event information or shoot us an email.

  2. Be our Friend - We can’t do this without our friends. A community is only as strong as those in it. We have a list of friends (other groups and people doing great things for our cycling community) on our page. If you’re part of another group, or know of groups we should connect with, let us know!

  3. Show your Support - Items purchased from the CycleNebraska store are special not only because they represent our shared love for cycling in our state, but because they help us further our mission. When you purchase CycleNebraska merch, you help us grow our ability to continue cultivating a statewide community.