We are cultivating a community by connecting and empowering cyclists across Nebraska.

We strive to do this by:

Providing Information

Check out our event calendar to connect with a ride in your community, find an excuse to travel, or to submit your own event. From tap-room rides and multi-day tours to competitive races and gravel grinders, Nebraska is full of reasons to get out and ride.

Sharing Stories

Every ride is a new story. Whether you’re battling a headwind, commuting to work, competing in a race, or chatting on a group ride, the stories we create make each ride memorable. Share your story, and be inspired by stories of those across the state. #cyclenebraska

Cultivating a Community

Nebraska is 430 miles long and 210 miles wide. With CycleNebraska, all you need is two wheels to experience the state, meet new friends, and join a community with a shared love for cycling.

CycleNebraska provides a common foundation for our cycling community to connect, grow, and thrive. 

Why do we do this?

Did you know, before CycleNebraska was founded, the most comprehensive list of Nebraska cycling events was on a Kansas website? There are great people doing great things in our state and we want you to know about them! 

We believe that our local and regional cycling communities are strongest when they're part of the larger, statewide community. CycleNebraska is the foundation for this connection and an avenue for growth across the state.