It all started when...

In the summer of 2015, CycleNebraska was formed on Instagram. As picture-takers, cyclists, and Instagram addicts, we wanted to create a place for other Nebraska cyclists to share their stories through photographs. As more and more photos were shared, more questions were asked - "Why didn't I know about this ride in my own backyard?" or "Where can I find more events like this?"

We quickly realized a need in the Nebraska cycling community: communication and access to information. We hope to meet this need by not only sharing events, but sharing stories and inspiration to keep us all riding. 

The Nebraska cycling community is a second family for us both. From heckling at cross races to small-town tour rides, we love being involved. But, let’s be honest, its hard to become part of a community when the information is hard to find. That’s what we want to change.
— Caitlin Dumas, co-founder of CycleNebraska

Did you know Nebraska ranked dead last in 2017 for bike-friendliness? We believe a that platform to share stories, find information, and connect with other cyclists can fix this. We see it as a simple domino effect - make it easier to find what's going on and tell more people about it. Then, the more who know, the more who go and voila! we have a larger, well-connected statewide community.