First Annual Nebraska Gravel Point Series 

Nebraska Med Cycling Team is hosting the first annual Nebraska Gravel Point Series. It is a series of gravel racing events held through Nebraska (and one in Iowa, but it's close enough). 

Check out the current standings by following the link below and keep scrolling for more information on series events, point calculations, and rules of the points series.

Upcoming Participating events:


How is it scored?

The riders with the highest total points in each category will be the overall point series category champion. The finale of the points series is the Crystal Lake Time Trial which is worth double points. Bonus points are awarded for starting or finishing more events than the 4 highest taken. 

Rider's top four events qualify for points. Riders will receive 20 bonus points for completing each event over the four top point results. Five points are awarded for DNF. Zero points for DNS. 
Points apply in the category you are signed up for and points do not cross over between categories. Men and women will be scored separately. 
Short option distances accumulate points using same calculation for distance, feet gained and normal points for placing. There is no separate short course category.

All riders who qualify for the Master's Category will be scored as such throughout the points series regardless of the option being available at each race. This will keep scoring consistent and allow for consistent competition within this category.


- Each mile of event distance is 1 point: (100 mile race 100 points) This number is by event published number, not your gps. 
- Each 1000 ft of elevation (as according to published number, rounded to the nearest 100) = 10 points (11,450 ft climbing = 115points) This number is determined by the event organizer, not by your gps. 
- Placing: 500 for first, 495 for 2nd, 490 for third, 395 for 4th.... to 99th all placings after receive 10 points for finishing.                                                                                                                                                                - 5 points for DNF. 
- Points scored on specific category entered, men and women scored separately. 
- Points only apply in category entered and do not transfer across to other categories. Example, you can't get first in fat bike and then switch to open division and take points with you. 


 Gravel conditions multiplier: TOTAL number of riders in all categories at each event that started divided by TOTAL riders who completed event x all other points earned at that event. 400 starters 350 finishers is 400/350 or 1.14 for the mutliplier. This 1.14 is multiplied by all other points earned for that event (miles, climbing, placing) to arrive at the total points for event. 

Points standings will be updated within one week of posted results of each event. Point standings will be posted to this page and the Nebraska Medicine Cycling Team's Facebook page. 

General Rules:

  1. Don't be a jerk. As with all gravel rides, don't be a jerk. This includes littering (yes gel packages full or emtpy are litter, banana peels are not), not obeying traffic signs/rules, trespassing, etc.
  2.  No outside support allowed, period. We are all for teamwork, but there is no outside support allowed during any of these events. This will get you banned for life. Riders competing with one another can help one another. 
  3.  We got your back. Official neutral support stations are allowed and available. 
  4.  You gotta finish. The whole thing, friends. Full courses must be completed. If you miss a turn, go back and complete the correct course. 
  5. Please listen to the other rules, too. Rules from individual event organizers above and beyond these apply as well. They work hard to put on their events, so please respect their rules.
  6. If you're a master, you race in the Masters. Masters riders must enter in Masters categories. If none are offered or the rider does not qualify for Masters designation at all events then the rider will be scored in open. The age for masters at the time trial is 50.
  7. Wear a helmet. As with all races, an ANSI approved helmet is required at all time while you're on your bike.


  • Mens Open
  • Mens Masters (50 and over as of 12-31-18)*
  • Women Open
  • Women Masters (40 and over as of 12-31-18)*
  • Single speed Men
  • Single speed Women
  •  Fat bike Men
  • Fat bike Women

If you are disqualified or banned from any individual event in the series for any reason by the organizers of the event you are also disqualified from the the series. 

Please contact Josh Shear at with any questions regarding ranking, points, or points calculations.