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Welcome to the 1st annual Southwest Iowa Gravel Tour or "S.W.I.G Tour" for short. This is going to be a 51 mile ride on gravel on some of Iowa's most beautiful roads. This is a group ride and NOT A RACE. There is no entry fee. All you need to do is show up and bring your gear and be ready for a day of adventure! We will be passing through the towns of Carbon (mile 25), Corning (mile 35), and Brooks (mile 45). We will stop at local establishments (where available) for refreshments and gathering. Please bring your own money for food and drinks along the way.

About this area......Most people think that Iowa is "flat" and has very few hills. In northern Iowa this is true but here in southern Iowa we have terrain resembling much or northwest Missouri. There will be some flats but mostly rolling hills probably anywhere from 3 to 10 percent grade. There will be plenty of them so be prepared. The gravel that they use around Southern Iowa is the typical white gravel rock not sand and not flint. You don't need a special gravel bike to ride on gravel and enjoy it. You can use a mountain bike, fat bike, road bike, or a hybrid. Whatever bike you have in your stable can work. It is recommended that you put some wider tires on if you're going to run a road bike. I would find out what the maximum size tire is that will fit on your bike and run those. I wouldn't go any narrower than 32 on the tire size as the bigger gravel tends to beat you up on a skinny tire especially if we hit a surface where they have laid fresh gravel down in the springtime. There will be plenty of riders probably carrying a good multi-tool, but I would advise bringing one if you have one as well as a spare tube if you're running a tube tire. So be prepared for plenty of hills but most importantly be prepared to be a part of a fun group.

I will make sure that some of the more experienced riders are willing to hang back for some of the less experienced riders. Nobody is going to get left behind on this ride. We will stop at various intervals and let everybody catch up and get a head count.

You can get the .gpx file here.

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