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Snap Me Riding

This event is dedicated to MTB'ers and Photographers alike! 

Let's be honest, we all enjoy seeing pictures and/or photos of ourselves riding our beloved mountain bikes. This event is designed to shed awareness on mountain biking in eastern Nebraska with the photography community, with a fun little twist of a game in store. An Amazon Gift Card awaits the winning photo, as chosen by the mountain biking community.

Here's a breakdown:
1. The riding starts @ 9 AM and will run til about 12 PM. The photographers interested in partaking can use the following map to preemptivly stake out where they'd like to set up shop for their photo's.:
you may show up as early as you'd like to stake your claim for the best spot! There are approximately 60 different features so there should be plenty of space to find a good shot :) Most of the foilage should die out, but it might be a good idea to have jeans and a long sleeve shirt to protect from nettles and/or poison ivy. 

2. After the event, the photographers will post up to 10 photo's to OxBow Trail System's Facebook page to represent their qualifying photo's so the community can vote. They also can post links to online albums or their personal website to review all photo's that are optionally for sale (mountain biking community, this is a great chance to get a sweet photo and support local area photographers!). The winning photo will be the 1 selected by the community by November 1st. 

3. When 12 PM rolls around, there will be an optional gathering at BW's Pub & Grill for some good BBQ!'s+Pub+%26+Grill+%2F+Catering/@41.039608,-96.3702907,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x879401d82027bf29:0xb5c2cf15bf986e36!8m2!3d41.039608!4d-96.368102

Any questions, don't hesitate to send a message! Thanks for looking and hope to see you on the 14th!

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